Business besties

San Diego community for female entrepreneurs looking to connect authentically by making real friendships and business moves.

our benefits

Bi-Monthly Masterminds

1st & 3rd Mondays of each month for 6 months.

First cohort Monday, May 2nd through October 17th.


Access to cowork from FEMX on Mondays 10am-4pm unless space is booked.


Feature on our business directory & social media post. Also, access to private group on app.

Room Access

Book the podcast room on coworking Mondays up to 2 hours at a time. Subject to availability.

Use Of Business

You can have a legal business address for your business for the duration of your membership.

Save 10% On

Save 10% when you rent our venue, studio, or attend a paid FEMX event or experience.

Free Access To Community Events At FEMX

FEMX members get free access to some events at FEMX by community partners such as comedy nights, markets, and others.


Access to group photoshoot which will include 1 headshot & 2 lifestyle images for you in addition to group photos.


Most importantly, you'll have access to a community of besties that, like you, are looking to build friendships and connect authentically!


become a founding member

Our first cohort is starting on Monday, May 2nd and lasts 6 months (May-October). We will meet the 1st & 3rd Monday of every month for our exclusive business besties mastermind. During the 6 months, you'll have access to all the exclusive benefits mentioned above.

Occasionally, we may meet other times for FEMX Experiences, the Business Besties photoshoot, etc. These dates will be based on the availability of the photographer and parties involved in the experiences. These additional times are optional to attend but highly recommended.

Additionally, as a founding member, you'll get to participate in other leadership opportunities such as leading a FEMX meetup or teaching a class on our community forum. These are great opportunities for exposure and to showcase your expertise.


What are FEMX Experiences?

FEMX Experiences are separate curated activities designed for FEMX Besties (business and meetup) to bond. While these experiences may have an additional cost (example going on a yacht), Besties members get a 10% discount and priority access.

What are the Monday Masterminds and what does it look like?

We will meet the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month. Every session will kick off with a stretch, reflection/meditation, and mantra (about 10-15 minutes), then we'll go into the business portion, and finish with feedback and journaling (about 5-10 minutes).

On the first session, we'll learn about a couple different business models and strategies and you'll get to pick a model to hack/re-format your current business or apply to your new business. In the following sessions, each member will get to present their business model, pricing, etc. and get feedback, ask questions, and even re-formulate if needed. The format of the mastermind will include: shine seat (you present), clarifying questions from group, feedback, and action steps. We also encourage each member to share resources/connections with each presenter when applicable.

This will take a few weeks and the length will depend on the amount of members we have. Besties are expected to support one another and refer each other's businesses. 

What if we are on different business stages?

Because each member will both go back to the foundation (business model) and growth-hack (focus group, feedback, strategy, etc.), any stage of business will benefit from the format. Additionally, we'll be learning from listening to others and what works and doesn't work for them. The feedback will be catered to each presenter and their stage in business. The principles are applicable to businesses at any stage but because we often are busy working IN our business and not ON our business, we all need to spend time doing this work.

Can I join the Business Besties even if I haven't met the 6 meetups requirements?

If you have a minimum of 2 meetups and 2 sister dates, you may join for first cohort May 2nd but will have to fulfill the requirements of the 6 meetups and dates simultaneously and right away.


If I meet all requirements and join Business Besties, do I need to still attend meetups and sister dates?

Yes, while you don't have to attend all meetups, we encourage you to attend most meetups and you will continue meeting with a sister at least twice per month. As you step up in leadership by showing up to meetups and inviting new people, you may be invited to present at the meetups as well.

Can I join past May 2nd?

We've decided that in order to create the best experience possible, we need to know the number of members for each cohort; therefore, if you want to be on the first cohort, you will need to join before April 30th. Also, the first cohort is for the introductory price of $111/month which you can retain for the remainder of their membership for those who join before April 30th.

Moving forward, there will be chances to join a different cohort at the price of $199/month.

Because of this, we are allowing you to join now and fulfill the 6 meetups requirement jointly (see section above).

What does the Feature/Business Listing entail?

We are creating a business directory where we can feature a list of local businesses we endorse. Business Besties will be included in the list on our website and people will be able to click on your profile to see your headshot, bio, business details, and contact information as well as a link of your choosing.

Last year, we were also able to get press coverage where some of the women in our community got to be on the news. While this isn't guaranteed and it's up to the media to pick up the story, we will be pitching it again this year and some members may get to be part of it. (Fingers crossed)

From time to time, we'll also include the list/feature on an email blast as it fits our calendar and themes for the year.

Please note that features will start kicking in later on as members get clarity on their business models, offerings, pricing, etc. This is in an effort to promote you with your "best foot forward." There is no point in promoting something that might change later. 

What does the social media feature entail?

Each Bestie will get a social media feature. The feature include a post with your mini bio, tips/education/inspiration and a link to your social. We prefer to do this in the form of a live interview in order to showcase your expertise and offer value to our audience. If for some reason you feel you'll die if you do a live, we will just do a photo (but we highly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone).

Also, each member will get to do a fun Reel as "collaborators" with FEMX so it will show up on our page. More details on this will be explained in person.

Can we give ideas/feedback?

Yes and no. First, yes, we are co-creators of this (especially as a founding member!) so we love your feedback. We will offer plenty of opportunities and prompts through in-person questions/surveys for feedback. Please do share your ideas!

On the other hand, in order to see results, we've gotta trust the process, right? So while ideas and feedback are welcome, we will still have a format to respect for a reason.

Also, there may be times where something might not seem super important to you but it might be to someone else. So again, as co-creators, we are doing this together and always looking for the greater good of the group.

Last but not least, we are wholesome people and therefore open communication is always the best. If you have any concerns or something to get "off your chest" please communicate it openly and directly with the right person/party. "Feedback" isn't feedback if the party it's for isn't there. Part of nurturing this Bestie culture is fostering  trust and respect for one another and always speaking from a good place to help one another grow and be encouraged.

What if I have a specific business need I want to focus on?

Since each member will get to present on their own business, you'll get to address those needs during your shine seat and questions to the group. The group is also encouraged to share relevant connections and resources. For example, let's say your main need is accounting and it's not something on the itinerary, it will still come up during your time and someone may recommend a CPA to you or maybe even offer those services themselves.

Are there chances of any Monday getting canceled?

The short answer is no. In the case of an emergency or the leader traveling, another leader will be in charge of such session and the same format/agenda will be followed. There may be times when meetings will be via Zoom.

On that note, all members are also expected to attend every session except for, of course, emergencies. If out of town, please join us virtually. If for some reason the space isn't available, we will meet somewhere else or on Zoom.

I'm having trouble signing up through the app, can I do it some other way?

Yes, for some reason, there is a glitch for some of you on the app. Please go to this link to sign up through a web browser.

What if I want to growth-hack 2 businesses?

In order to give everyone a chance to present, you'll need to pick 1 business on your first presentation. Once everyone has presented you may present a second time for your second business. We highly encourage you to focus on one and at the same time, know that you'll learn principles, strategies, and tactics that you may apply to your other businesses on your own or even gain clarity through discussions or other presentations. 

What makes FEMX Business Besties different from other networking groups or masterminds?

YOU! No, really though. Our community is special and you make it so. We are a wholesome sisterhood ready to level up the right way! We approach business business differently and we don't believe it's lonely at the top. It isn't because we are building real connections and a healthy business and lifestyle on our way up!