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Who Are We


 Here are some FAQ: 

Q: What is the Investment?

A: The investment to join our community is only $49/month for a limited time. Price will go up once we have reached a certain # of signups!

Q: Is there a commitment to join the membership?

A: In order for you to get the most out of this program and establish a solid growth plan we encourage you to commit to 6 months. This is a month to month membership. 

Q: How often are we meeting?

A:  Your membership includes meeting twice/month. 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month. 


Q: What will the meetings consist of?

A: The 1st Mondays of the month will include business related workshop style meetups together with everyone. The 3rd Mondays of the month will consist of Personal Development and are held separately (FEMX @5:30PM/ MENX @ 7:30PM

Q: Can guests attend for free? 

A: First time guests can attend the FEMX/MENX meetings (3rd Monday of month) for free!

Q: Will I be able to lead a retreat or activity outside of our scheduled meetups?

A: YES. You will have the opportunity to lead a book club/retreat/outing for our members (upon approval).

Q: How will we be able to stay in touch in between the meetups with each other? Can we form a thread on whatsapp etc?

A: Every member will have access to the free mobile app for the community. Here you will be able to message each other, create discussions, form groups, create posts etc. 

Q: When does this start? Can I sign up now?

A: YES you can sign up NOW. Be sure to sign up before the 1st Monday of the month to participate. 


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