We know this is an important investment for your business that is why we want to make sure you have all of your questions answered before you make a decision.


 Here are some FAQ: 


Q: Is there a commitment to join the membership?

A: YES. In order for you to get the most out of this program and establish a solid growth plan we require you to commit to 6 months. After the 6 months it is month/month.


Q: My spouse and I both want to join. Do you offer any discount for us?

A: YES. If both you and your spouse want to join we are offering 2 X 1! Yes you heard correctly, we want to make it an easy decision for both of you. Sign up for one membership and you both are included :)

Q: Can I go to the regular non business meetup (either FEMX or MENX) for free and skip the business mastermind?

A: YES. If you don't want to join the business membership you can still attend the FREE meetup (MENX/FEMX).  


Q: How often are we meeting?

A: At minimum, you will meet once/month with FEMX/MENX meetup and twice/month with our Entrepreneur mastermind mixed meetup.  (total 3x month) 

Q: Are the workshops going to be on a different day or time?

A: No. All of the workshops will take place during our business meetup. This is so that we have the most attendance and everyone can benefit from them.

Q: Will I be able to lead a retreat or activity outside of our scheduled meetups?

A: YES. You will have the opportunity to lead a book club/retreat/outing for our members (upon approval).

Q: How will we be able to stay in touch in between the meetups with each other? Can we form a thread on whatsapp etc?

A: Every member will have access to the mobile apps for each FEMX Community & MENX. Here you will be able to message each other, create discussions, form groups, create posts etc. 

Q: When does this start? Can I sign up now?

A: YES you can sign up now and select the start date Jan 1st for your membership. (you won't get charged until 1/1/23) The first business mastermind meetup is Jan 9th 2023.


Q: Is there a deadline to sign up?

A: The deadline to sign up is before our next FREE Entrepreneur meetup on 12/12/22. This is so that we know who will be joining us in 2023 and can get you setup in time.

Q: I have more questions before I join, can I speak to someone about it?

A: YES. Please email any additional questions you may have to contact@femxquarters.com


*Remember to select the start date Jan 1st 2023. (you won't get charged until 1/1/23) The first business mastermind meetup is Jan 9th 2023.