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FEMX Quarters, Open Space View of Garage Door Open.JPG


   FEMX Quarters was created with the artist at heart. Every inch of FEMX is covered in aesthetically catered furniture and small pops of color. In addition to hosting events, its brightly designed walls have been featured in music videos, photo shoots, and content creation. FEMX Quarters welcomes all creatives into its space. No matter your style, FEMX's studio has the foundational tools for whatever you create. 

   FEMX's studio houses over 2000 square ft. of warehouse space located at 1919 San Diego Ave just five minutes from downtown San Diego and four minutes from the San Diego International Airport. It offers a variety of brightly-colored backdrops, chic furniture accents, and a sound-proof podcast room. Come get creative in a space created with the intent to inspire.

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FEMX Studio
FEMX  Studio Front View, Orange Backdrop, Clothes Rack, Blue Chair Mirror on Side
FEMX Studio Shoot
FEMX Studio Shoot
FEMX Studio
FEMX Studio

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